There are 10 episodes in The Pacific. I have the book as well. The series covers Marines only. The book tells the story of a Naval pilot along with those of the Marines from the movie.

They recount tales from POWs who escaped and became guerrilla leaders as well.

In many ways we are insulated from war as Americans. I don't know how you guys have felt when you come back through your rotations, but it feels like we're just a footnote and an afterthought sometimes.

The death of soldiers becomes the story to fit in between headlines of the latest celeberty gossip while it's very real to those who are going through it and to their families, as you guys well know.

Just as a heads up, Gerk. Once your brain processes the issues with your WW, one way or the other (save your marriage or not) you will find yourself processing your experiences with deployments.

I have a tough time, for example, with movies or documentaries about the Iraq war. I have a really tough time with Wounded Warrior day and end up spending the day depressed and feeling guilty that I came away from the conflict relatively unscathed while others paid a terrible price.

These are things you're likely going to deal with yourself. Just giving you a heads up.