Good Morning Gurka! Happy Friday!!!

Just know that your WW's decisions are no reflection on you as a person or on your worth as a human being.

Wow, thanks Writer... Gurka - This was one of the biggest things that I had to deal with. Not sure if it's "male ego" or what, but Writer's statement is so true. Don't second guess your actions. Your Plan-A actions to day WILL have an effect on your WW!

Writer and Mrs. V have given you a great glimps of what your WW is going through right now... Your WW isn't much different from any other WS. Her thoughts and actions have, and will continue, to follow the WS script.

Do you know why? Because her A with the OM was no different or more "special" than any other A that you read about here... A's share the same bad "qualities" and you can pretty much tell what the WS's next move will be.

Your WW is still in the "I'm mad at Gurka for spoiling my fun" mode. She's lasing out at you, and doing whatever she can to make you doubt YOUR actions. I think that the main reason that she hasn't contacted you for a couple of days is because of your "relationshiip/educating" e-mail that you sent her a couple of days ago... When you do that, you've played into her hand and she will feel justified in "ignoring" you.

Your Chatty e-mails with no talk of how wrong she is or how bad she is, WILL have an effect on her... give her some more time and keep engaging her and her Mom... they will eventually contact you.

Semper Fi,