I'm not replying to any of this.

Good for you Gurka! You're right, you shouldn' reply at all to these e-mails... the don' make any sense, and you know what happens when you try to "educate" her!

Let things cool down a bitmore and I suspect that you'll get some more E-mails from her... Remeber, her mind is still very conflicted over her past actions and she is trying to rationalize them by making YOU out to be he "bad" guy for all of her troubles.

Don't get sucked into her game... YOU are the one that is fighting for the M, because for now, she's not able to.

I think the fact that she e-mailed you is a very positive step! Especially when she's alluding to the MB "cult" rotflmao She knows enough to mention this fact which tells me that she's trying to rationalize her actions plus "proove" that the MB pinciples don't work... you know, because HER A with LT-OM was "different", and it was "special"...

Regardless of how all of this turns out, I can assure you that your WW will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her A with LT-OM was NOT special and it was no different than any other A. In fact, she will most likely realize that LT-OM was just using her and that will be hard for her to take... That's why you need to keep up the best Plan-A that you can, so when she finally gets to this point, you'll be there for her.

Semper Fi,