I went through the same thing with my FWH. He agreed with everything. I will say this. From my own experience, my FWH was essentially sincere in wanting to reconcile and work on our M. However, I realized later on that he wasn't really on board with alot of the "repair" work that we were doing. And that he only agreed with everything because he was afraid of losing me. I agree with marital that you need to be vigilent in snooping to be sure that he is truly sincere. I would also advise that when you launch your plan of recovery that you do your best not to be the one calling all the shots. You need to be sure that he has an equal say in how to go about recovery. If he doesn't volunteer information, question, but don't make suggestions. MY FWH agreed with everything I said simply to make all the bad feelings "go away" and even though he was sincere in recovery, it came out later on how unhappy he still was with our M and the way we do things.

Hope this helps.

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