Sounds like you are doing great. Let him know how this affair has hurt you, and that you may take a little time to heal from it. Everything you are doing sounds great. I would suggest putting in that contract, if you havent already, is to spend 20+ hours a week of UA until you fall in love, then 15+ hours a week to stay in love. Fill out those questionairs at the end of HNHN, and read Love Busters and fill out the questionaire.

His actions may be sincere, like my FWW SapphireReturns, she left after exposure on her own accord. 6 hours after her plane touched down in denver she really began to miss me and had a sincere change of heart. It took me about 2 weeks to let her come home, because I knew that I can't work on my marriage without her, and I missed her. She has not tried anything fishy since that happened 3 months ago, but I still snoop on her and she knows it. I want to trust her, but theres a little pice of me that says be vigilant in identifying anything that might be out of place.

Its wonderful if he really is doing these things, and I love that you are using this good moment to try to fix your marriage. Of course there will be a lot of wierd set backs at the beginning, but it gets easier over time.