If you ever want to see a film that conveys the dynamics, the pain, and the reactions regarding an affair see "Someone to Watch Over Me. It was billed as a thriller crime film, and my wife and I saw it on one of our typical weekend movie times quite a few years ago. I never at that time really recognized the affair premise in the film. I was just looking for the crime thriller entertainment at that time I think.

If ya want to see how women react and handle an affair when they discover it then you need to see "Ellie" who is Tom Berenger's wife slap the crap out of his face when he tried to plead for Ellie's forgiveness in a parking lot. I felt embarassed for the screen husband. I also felt that if I had to in the real world look into my wife's eyes (i.e., per Ellie) and try to deny I would totally and honestly recognize the hurt and probably fall on my sword.

I know there is another film on an affair (typical Hollywood style) with richard gere about an affiar, but this film just plain hurts in the heart.