Hi Melody,

I so agree with you. This is basically a crime thriller with Tom Berenger playing the detective and the affair part (basically a ONS) while he is protecting a key witness is only a small part of it. It didn't go into details of that at all and there were not explicit scenes. I do think the director presented it to get in a romantic connection and all of that. The only thing that hit me is when his wife discovered the actress (and I can't think of her name) really portrayed the betrayed wife with realism at a dinner scene is all, and when he hemmed hawed she socked him she was so disgusted. And no that part of this film was not sleezy by any means like a Michael Douglas or Sharon Stone film. You would have to see it Melody.

Yea, C and I rented 'Bridges' several years ago mistakenly only because Clint was in it. We actually turned it off about half way.

Anyway, I am going to have to create a new thread probably. After alot of thought I filed a compaint right after C told me she was abused. This was with the Elder Abuse wing of the IL dept. of aging. They took the complain and assigned an ombudsman to investigate. That person finally got there to the nursing home last Tuesday to talk with her and called me yesterday to come in to discuss their report. No info on that phone call on what they found. It could be her crying wolf or it could be some real concern and coverup. Point is C called me that day Tues. and ripped me. Since then she hasn't taken my calls. I talked to her counselor that day on Tues. and he told me she feels that I should have consulted with the admin. there and kept it in house. I also had a phone consult with an attorney the day before I did any of this and he advised me to get an independent party to investigate....a friend, a PI, an agency rep. ...and I chose the latter.

I haven't talked to her since Tues. I decided for my own well being I would get my container garden in now that the weather is really nice now, and I am glad I did.

Anyway thanks for listening Melody. My situation is so unusual that I sometimes think that this is just an opportunity to vent. I have never had an affair in my life - oh yea the playing the field when I was dating yes but nothing that I feel ashamed about. Yes there was that time which I think I did mention here when I took a co-worker out to lunch because for a very short while...like a few weeks ..I felt fascinated by her. That was 35 years ago. That was the only time I was with her and back then there was no internet, email etc., and as I recall about that time I would have been scared to death if she had asked for another luch or anything else.

The situation is so confusing Melody. Right now am going to enjoy my evening and make sure I don't overwater the plants when I water them tonight.