Her sister's wedding is today. I sent her sister a short congratulations:
Just wanted to say congratulations on the wedding. I hope you and XXX are happy together for a long time. And I hope you enjoy the gifts from WW and I. The only advice I can give you is to focus on how you're feeling on your wedding day, when you're saying the vows, when you're dancing afterwards. Remember how you feel, remember why you want to be married. It's easy for people to lose sight of those feelings and memories, but if you hold onto them, they will carry you through the hard times and keep you grounded in reality.

With Love,

And a congratulations to her parents:
I just wanted to congratulate you and XXX on XXXXX & XXXXX wedding. I hope her and XXX spend many happy years together, and I hope they enjoy WW and I's wedding presents.

Again, if there's anything I can do to help you and your family during this time, please let me know. I'll be sending WW a little more money than usual this month so she can pass it along to you guys. It's not much, but hopefully it can help.


And I sent a short email to my WW:
Just wanted to write you before you go to your sister's wedding. I
hope it goes well, I'm sure it will be beautiful. I hope that seeing
XXX and XXXXX exchanging vows and getting married reminds you of how
we felt the day we got married. Of the vows that we wrote ourselves,
and why we wanted to be married. Of the commitment involved, and the
promises to work through anything together, for better or worse. I
remember it all vividly, and still feel the same today. Remembering
why I wanted to be married to you, and how good I felt once I was is
something that gives me strength every day. I hope it's a wonderful
day for XXXX, and I hope you enjoy the wedding too. But I also hope
you take some time to think. I love you, and I miss my best friend.

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