Its hard to find a show on TV that DOESN'T have an A going on in them.

I am watching GLEE first season with the WW right now. Its one of her favorite shows. The leading man is involved in an EA with the school guidance counselor. His wife is a bad person and is doing crazy Hollywood stuff to try to keep him.

I know im nothing like the wife but seeing the EA heating up and the negative light they cast the marriage in makes me sick. Like I am wrong for trying to save my family and my wife.

My situation is so unusual that I sometimes think that this is just an opportunity to vent. I have never had an affair in my life - oh yea the playing the field when I was dating yes but nothing that I feel ashamed about. Yes there was that time which I think I did mention here when I took a co-worker out to lunch because for a very short a few weeks ..I felt fascinated by her. That was 35 years ago. That was the only time I was with her and back then there was no internet, email etc., and as I recall about that time I would have been scared to death if she had asked for another luch or anything else.

Tom I can relate to that as well. When i look back at the last 2 years of my life and see how much I just gave up on my wife It makes me sick. I never cheated. I did date another girl at the same time I was dating my WW. They both knew about each other but looking back now Its just another source of guilt.

Keep your head up.

(ME) BS - 33YO
(HER) WW - 32YO
Married 7 years
D-Day - 5/1/10 (PA)
Exposure 5/7/10
Plan A 5/7/10 -
Plan B or Recovery on 7-1-10 Its in her court ATM
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