I'll need to decide by June 21st if I want to stay here another 6 months... I'd like to talk to WW about it early next month. I don't feel like there's any reason for me to go back to Fort Polk to live alone and do a job I don't like and possibly be forced into a divorce. The only EN she's allowing me to meet is financial, and I'm best able to meet that need from here. So I can stay here in my present job for another 6 months. Or I could go back for a month, get reassigned to another brigade and come back for a whole year. Obviously I would prefer to return to Fort Polk for good, live with my wife and work on our marriage while being in a good physical location and financial position to help her family during this difficult time.

That's basically how I intend to present it to her. The implicatoin is that she can either commit to the marriage, come live with me and try to work it out, or I can make a divorce take years (during which she would be forced to remain single or carry on in secrecy.)