No session today. A tree fell on the power lines this morning and we had to drive the kids to school. I told Mrs. Hold I am sorry she got short changed today and maybe she can get lucky Friday if she treats me well between now and then.

We bought a new vacuum (got a great deal on Ebay). Mrs. Hold said she needed the extension hose so it would reach father. I said I understand ladies are always interested in having a longer hose available, and I would see what I could do. She looked at me like I was pond scum for making a sexual comment.

A couple of minutes later she came to me with her hand lotion bottle. The pump top was stuck. She said "since you are so good at pumping, I thought maybe you could fix the pumper on this." Wow! A double entendre and a sex-related compliment!

News flash: today's weather report for h3ll is snow showers followed by freezing rain.

When you can see it coming, duck!