Hey Gurka - I actually got to go outside the wire today on a short "trip"! It was good to get out from behind my desk...

How long have you been over there? I wouldn't stay just to avoid her. I would like to think that your WW will eventually "turn around", but then again, she may not.

If she doesn't, then it won't matter how long you are deployed. Regardless of what she decides to do, you will know that you've done everything possible to try and save your M.

I think that regardless of what she "says" about you not going out to Ft. Huachuca to see her, that you might just have to do that. Go out there and confront her right in front of her entire OBC class. Do it in public so there's no chance for her to say that you "abused" her... talk to her camly and let her know that you will be waiting for her back at Ft. Polk if she wants to work on the M.

If she doesn't, then I'd hand her a copy of the signed divorce papers, tell her in front of her entire OBC class that you are divorcing her for adultery, then calmly walk away.

She will do one of two things, either your confrontation will snap her out of her self idulgent fantasy world, or she will continue to lie to herself for the rest of her life.

If she chooses the second option, I believe that you deserve better, and you will eventually realize that it was better to have found this fact out before you went any further with her.

Semper Fi,