Hello Gerka!
Great timing for checking in, I've been thinking about you.

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Started some new vitamins that are awesome. Feel like I could take on the world.
That's great, this whole mess takes quite a bit of stamina, so everything that we can do to make ourselves stronger in that respect is important.

About you coming home, you seemed to be unsure about that.
You will need to come home and face WW. This sort of Plan A cannot be sustained for a long time. WW needs to see you, see your presence and conviction to repair your M.

This money that is intended for her family, I think that you should let MIL know in a subtle way that you have made this gesture through WW.
Who knows what WW is doing with this cash.

eg. ' MIL, your family is still in my prayers. Cancer is not only devastating to a family emotionally, but also financially.
Please accept the extra cash that I sent to WW for you and don't worry about it,
I want to help out any way that I can. How is FIL doing with the treatment?'

Or something like that. Has his illness even been confirmed yet?
If his illness is not as severe as what WW makes it out to be, her family should know how she is manipulating you.
WS's need to be accountable to everyone that they are lying to.

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