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Intellius doesn't even show her first address in AZ, or the phone number she's had for 2 years. We've moved around so much that it just doesn't seem to track us well.

I could wait another year by being here, and if she hasn't changed her mind by then I could PCS to Korea, buying myself another 3 years of being insulated from legal proceedings.

First of all, you could get the info from a PI for $55 bucks. Just go to now_what's thread and get his PI info.

Secondly, why would you want to be married to a WW you haven't seen for 4 years while she continues to date other men? You don't think you can do MUCH, MUCH BETTER than that? At this point in your life married only about 2 years with NO kids or joint property, you should ONLY devote a maximum of 1 year trying to save this marriage. Any more than that is a complete waste of your time on a woman who clearly is not worthy of it. Shoot, 4 years from now you could be completely happy with your new wife and starting a family. You are in your own fog, just like your WW, and you need to snap out of it. Even if you do want to save your marriage, going home is the best way to accomplish it, not dodging divorce papers.


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