Talked on the phone for 40 minutes earlier. She mainly wanted to talk about her getting our dog, which is living with my parents in Dallas. When I told her I'd rather discuss the dog when I get back, she threatened to take legal action against my parents to secure the dog. She was very angry, combative, kept on saying "you accused me of a crime and tried to have me put in jail." I kept cool and just explained that I was trying to save our marriage, she responded "you're not saving anything. There is no marriage. I'm divorcing you as soon as you set foot on American soil." I spent a lot of time just assuring her that I cared about her and our marriage and that I was willing to fight for it. Eventually she broke down and said, "My life is falling apart, my dad is dying, I may not even be staying in the Army and the only thing that would give me a little bit of comfort is my dog." I explained that it was a much better approach to appeal to my feelings for her rather than try to threaten me, and that I'd think about it, because I understand she's going through a hard time right now.