The more I think of this, the more positive I feel about your situation. And listen, I was not feeling good about your situation just last week. However, there are a few good signs. If you get that dog to her quickly, it will be a HUGE love bank deposit. It will show your WW that you do in fact have a soul after all, and you do care about her, it's not just talk. Secondly, if her brother moves in with her, that will be another positive development. First of all, live-in teenage brothers tend to ward off prospective OM. It's like putting a scarecrow in the field. Also, your WW will probably not feel comfortable getting her needs met by other men with her brother near by. After all, brothers tend to rat you out to parents and I'm sure she knows her mom disapproves of her current behavior. There are certain things I wouldn't do in front of my siblings, just because I wouldn't want it getting back to my parents and having to hear about it (i.e. miss church, my parents would not shut up if they knew I skipped mass). It also helps if her brother likes you as well.

Now she's talking to you again as well, and for 40 minutes! Just keep up the good work. When will you be getting back home?


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