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I don't know, she was really really angry yesterday morning.

Yes, but she's talking to you... opened herself up to you.... called you again today and shared things that are going on in her life.

You need to make a list of things you can talk to her about the next time she calls to fill in those awkward silences.

Conversation is usually THE number one top need for women.

Exactly, just like you got material ready for your emails, you need to plan to talk about stuff with your WW when you are on the phone with her. Figure out what her interests are, research those interests, and then smoothly transition to conversation into one of those topics. Back when I was working on my situation, my WW was into celebrity gossip. I would check out TMZ before I got home or would look at OK!, Intouch, or US Weekly when I was at the store and when I got home I would say, "Guess who just broke up?" I know, as a man, it is painful to admit, but it met her need for conversation and slowly engaged her back in the relationship.


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