There was a program on the radio last week and they were discussing the Stadium versus the UC. People always talk about how loud things were in the Stadium, but according to empirical data, via sound pressure meters spread around the UC during the second round of the playoffs, the UC is actually louder than the old stadium.

Either one was a pretty cool place to watch hockey though the UC is much better for B'ball.

The Allstate Arena (Rosemont, IL) is a pretty cool venue for hockey. That is where the Wolves play home games (AHL). Also home of the Chicago Rush (Arena Football League) and the Sky (WNBA).

I attended a lot of concerts at the old Chicago Stadium. The last one was Grand Funk Railroad (later just Grand Funk) and the plaster was literally falling from the walls and ceiling from the level of the bass pounding away.

Folks around here almost forgot we even had a hockey team in the NHL. Games weren't even on TV for about 30 years. Now folks are painting their houses red and black and I saw several golf carts this morning with Indian heads on the fenders.

Watching the Hawks win is certainly a lot more fun than watching the Cubs, Sox, Bears and Bulls lose... This from Walter Jacobson, local TV news legend who admits to knowing nothing at all about hockey till about a month ago.