WW called me this morning, said my parents weren't bringing her the dog and refuse to ship him so "I win." I told her I'd like for her to have the dog and I'll bring him to her when I get back. She also said I was being totally unreasonable by not allowing her to take things from my house at Fort Polk. I told her I didn't want her taking things without me being there. She insisted she only wanted her clothes and books, and nothing that was "ours." I told her we could work that out when I get back.

She said, "so nice that you just made that decision for the both of us." I responded with, "At least I was honest and straight forward about it, so you have the chance to respond appropriately." She accused me of being dishonest and sneaky by accusing her via her CoC without telling her beforehand. That she told me all of the details of the affair in confidence, and just when she thought we were rebuilding our marriage, I turned her in. I explained that it was when she told me that she wasn't going to work on things anymore, that she'd rather be with him, that she left me with no choice. I asked what she'd have had me do, just give up on her? Would she rather I cared so little that I just let her go without a fight? She was quiet. I asked, "What would you have done?" Then the connection dropped (gotta love afghanistan.)