I also realize that I am completely POed. How come the OW can more on with her life as if nothing has happened, when WS and I are left to try to pick up the pieces and rebuild something THEY BOTH tried to destroy? It is so not fair! I am so angry. I am glad that she is not a threat atm, but still. Why do I have to suffer this betrayal but she gets to move on as if nothing happened?

She is a loose woman. She may just move on to another man (victim) but she will never be happy. She will just bounce from man to man and never have anything meaningful.

In the book the love dare they talk about following your heart in one of the appendixes. Basically said that is a terrible way to live your life since your heart is flighty and just reacts to whatever emotion they feel at the time. Your heart is prone to sin as well.

While you are building a strong foundation of a marriage that will be satisfying in the long run and that will give you peace. That is peace that the OW will never get.

Hopefully that will give you some comfort during the long recovery.

BTW keep checking her status. When they drop out of a relationship they sometimes try to rediscover old flames. Just ensure NC.

(ME) BS - 33YO
(HER) WW - 32YO
Married 7 years
D-Day - 5/1/10 (PA)
Exposure 5/7/10
Plan A 5/7/10 -
Plan B or Recovery on 7-1-10 Its in her court ATM
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