Thank you for the encouragement.

I believe in Karma and I know that it will hit her hard when it does come back around. I just wish it would hit her now.

I guess I am still in this feeling of vengence that wishes she would get hit by a bus.

Part of me understands that maybe this is God's way of telling us to build a better marriage, but it still sux. I spend alot of my time feeling like things will never get better. I feel so hopeless. I can't trust anything he tells me, but have to trust something otherwise I will never be able to move on.

I am so afraid of letting go control of where I am because what if I trust that we are rebuilding and it turns out he is lying to me again? How can I trust that he is being honest with me at all about anything?

I want to move forward away from this pain, but I am scared @#@*%less to do so because of the what ifs........

Me - BS
Him - WS
Discovery 3/26/10
NC letter mailed 5/27/10
NC letter recieved 5/29/10
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Recovery may not be an option. Seriously looking a plan B/D