I don�t agree that getting her the dog is some giant lovebank deposit. Women like her are very narcissistic and full of feelings of entitlement. Things should just go as they wish and if they don�t, then YOU are the problem, not them. They are the reasonable ones in their own eyes.

You�ve offered her a reasonable way for her to get her dog. She has refused it. You�ve done your part. Save yourself the money and simply repeat the simple solution if it comes up again. She�s the one making this difficult, not you.

It�s also completely reasonable for you to not have her go get �her� stuff out of your place when you�re not there. A WW is not to be trusted with judgment on such things. What is �hers� can be relative, and you�ll suddenly find things gone that are clearly not hers.

A WW will clean you out if given the chance. I was cleaned out by mine and left with nothing but the few things I had before we got married and I even lost some of those. All of that under the mistaken assumption that I�d get it all back once she came to her senses. That�s something that never happened (thankfully since I�d still be trapped with her in my life). I�m simply saying that you shouldn�t trust her one bit.