Well today has been an effing disaster! I forgot to take my AD's this morning and so I have been on a LB rampage for the past hour. I know I should stop, but I feel so much anger I want to scream!

He asked me what I needed to feel better and I told him I would love to hit him atm but he was not worth the price I would have to pay.

GRRRRR. I have to get control. I am sooooooo Angry it is literally making me sick on my stomach. How could he do this to us?

He keeps saying it was because he was lonely. I have been right here. If he was lonely he should have said something. I told him the only reason he was lonely is because he chose to be.

To make things worse, he seems to be expecting to move right past this into a better marriage. He acts like he expects me to move right on. I am still processing. I am still grieving. But as usual I am doing it alone. Where is he? He has disappeared into the other room.

Me - BS
Him - WS
Discovery 3/26/10
NC letter mailed 5/27/10
NC letter recieved 5/29/10
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Recovery may not be an option. Seriously looking a plan B/D