To make things worse, he seems to be expecting to move right past this into a better marriage. He acts like he expects me to move right on. I am still processing. I am still grieving. But as usual I am doing it alone. Where is he? He has disappeared into the other room.

im niot trying to take the WH side here but did you tell him what you needed tonite? Maybe there is a way you could communicate what he could do to help. If it was just to sit there and berate him say it. He might be willing to do that.

Leaving the room isnt always a bad thing. Maybe he was trying to avoid LBing behavior. I have taken the approach with my WW that id rather leave and try the next day than get suckered into a fight.

Its a marathon. you are driving the recovery train. You dictate the pace of how fast this goes. He needs to be willing to take it slow if thats what you need. Just be sure to communicate it effectively to him.

Did you get all your questions answered for the A? Maybe there is some residual doubt you have about it. Maybe you could ask him to take a lie detector test to ensure NC or that another A isnt going on. Maybe that could give you some comfort.

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