A while he was out there he picked me a gardenia.

late response but I love gardenias. Their smell is so amazing.


"i know most of the time i look like this whole mess doesn't bother me, part of it is avoidance and dealing with small parts of it at a time, part of it is so that DS isn't bombarded by our emotions all the time
but it does bother me but i can't let it rule my thoughts all day everyday....i would go insane if i did."

Im sorry for my lazyness but I cant remember the earlier posts. Are you still needing questions answered about the A? If you do its probbaly better to just write them down and only talk about them for like 30 minutes a couple of times a week. Maybe you could POJA this idea.

One of my problems is I will get frustrated and get upset. When WW sees me get upset she withdraws. It kills the day. I lose valuable UA time with her. Im trying to limit my emotions around her. She gets upset because the guilt hits her of how bad she hurt me.

Defiantly keep focusing on meeting needs. It will help. She resisted at first but now because I have consistantly been the only one meeting her needs for a while she is starting to let me do more.

(ME) BS - 33YO
(HER) WW - 32YO
Married 7 years
D-Day - 5/1/10 (PA)
Exposure 5/7/10
Plan A 5/7/10 -
Plan B or Recovery on 7-1-10 Its in her court ATM
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