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Hold, in all of your analyzing I think you may not have considered fully what an absolute turn off it is for a woman like your W to know her H is CONSTANTLY wanting sex. She knows she falls short and on some level she knows it is her issues that are preventing both of you from having a sex life you like. I believe she is fully aware of your constant desire for sex and it is always in the air between you. There is never a moment where that unspoken need of yours is not part of your interactions with her.

I have not words of wisdom, you guys have serious problems regarding sex and other priorities in your marriage, but oh what a relief it would be for Mrs. H to know that you really and truly don't have sex first and foremost on your mind. Imagine being able to relax with her without having the tension of sex hanging there.

I'm not Mrs. Hold and it sounds as though there are other issues, but if I were Mrs. Hold, and I decided to try to meet my husband's EN for SF, my biggest fear would be this...that he would constantly be after me for SF and if my desire were naturally quite a bit lower...even if 2x/week were ok for Mrs Hold, resentment would creep in for Hold and they'd be back to where they started.