Maybe that was a concern years ago. Lately I have backed waaaayyyyy off. I never initiate more than once a week. If events get in the way so we do not have a morning alone together without the kids, then I don't initiate at all. Mrs. Hold may have any number of fears, but it is not reasonable for her to fear that I would "push things" and ask for more sex than she has agreed to offer. Not that fears are rational.

On the other hand, nams point is well taken. It would be reasonable for Mrs. Hold to fear that the maximum frequency she can sustain would not be "enough", and the tension would still hang in the air between us. That is quite possible. While I suspect that even once a week would be "enough", and that the tension would dissipate once I got comfortable that sex would reliably occur, I cannot promise her that result because we have never been close to that. So I have no idea how I would feel after several months of regular sex. And the absence of certainty might prevent her from being enthusiastic about trying.

When you can see it coming, duck!