Ok, call this a wild and crazy idea then.

Can you put forth a 'deal' of sorts that has a time limit where at the end of such time, she has the opportunity to withdraw and/or renegotiate?

For instance: you agree to sex 1x/week. (or 2...). And you agree that you will have sex 1x/week for....4 weeks? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? whatever time frame you think is reasonable.

At the end of that time frame, if she still feels pressured, as in she thinks you are still judging her for not providing enough sex and that even a reliable 1 or 2/week will NOT be enough for you, then she can elect to go back to the status quo.

You could also throw in that she is not obligated to enjoy it..that it is for you, though if she felt the inclination to enjoy it, you would certainly welcome it.

You could call yourselves the great Holding experiment!

But the two of you would have to agree UP FRONT to be very, very honest in the evaluation. If you feel that enough tension has dissapaited that you are ok with 1 or 2/week then you tell her that. If you honestly feel you are still way deficient and not getting this need met, then she has the right to just go back to her corner.