I'm sorry you're having difficulty, hold. It probably would be good in theory if the desire for SF wasn't always in the air. Just like it would be nice if after not eating for weeks the desire for food wasn't on your mind either. Not how it works.

Hold, I am not bashing anything about your W, I do not know her and she seems to have many good qualities. It's really more of a t/j. A general question to whomever.

Is there anyone out there who really honestly though sex WOULDN'T be a regular part of the equation in M? I'm not trying to be insensitive here, but if someone doesn't want to have regular sex....why did they marry? I mean, I know people have love, admiration, companionship, etc. But honestly, I could hug a best friend. I could have deep talks with a sister. If someone doesn't want to actively share a bed with someone, and they know that that someone DOES want to actively share a bed....why did they marry that person? All this I hear about "my spouse just won't keep their hands off me" or "I tried not to wake spouse up when I came to bed so they wouldn't ask for that". Why in the name of heaven do people who don't want to have sex get married? That's like me applying for, interviewing for, and accepting a teaching job and then telling the principal I don't want to go to school.