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Just off to bed and stumbled upon your thread. My eyes are too sore to read it all now.

I will read another time, just didn't want you to feel like you are talking to yourself.

You may have already been through this, so don't bother answering if you have, but have you verified NC and are you still verifying?

and just picking up on your last few posts, try to change your focus slightly from what he is or isn't doing to what you are doing.

Are you doing all the things within your control to make sure you enjoy life?

Yes NC has been established and I continue to verify with the tools I have available. One thing I have learned is that POSOW changed her relationship status on FB on D-day from relationship to single. The day following her receipt of the NC letter (I had the letter tracked so I know when she signed for it) she updated her status again to a new relationship with a different guy. I have verified that it is not a hidden account used by my WS since both accounts are open to access currently, but I doubt either one realizes it.

What am I doing.
I have been placed on ADs because I can not deal with the reality of the A without help at this point.
WS and I are establishing a daily routine to include UA time.
I created a google account so that WS and I could chat throughout the day.
I removed his computers (the main access for the affair) from our house on D-day (figured I may need the info on them if I went for D so removed them out of his reach before I confronted him.)
I am identifying triggers and attempting to create alternate routines to go around them or overcome them.
I am identifying my ENs.
I have essentially given up my favorite past time, simply because it has become a stressor trying to deal with it and our M.
I have made plans so that WS and I can spend some time together minus our DS.
I had been walking twice a day, but since the heat has moved in (close to 100 over the past couple of days) I have had to let go of that for a bit. Hope to start back soon.
I have started going back to church, not sure how that is working out yet.
I am attempting to keep an appreciation journal of my WS, so that when things suck I can look at that and try to remember the good stuff.
That is all I can think of off the top of my head, atm.

Me - BS
Him - WS
Discovery 3/26/10
NC letter mailed 5/27/10
NC letter recieved 5/29/10
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