I had one of our mutual friends send us a congrats on five years marriage. He said we "look so happy together". I wanted to vomit!!

I use to know what happy was, now all I feel is pain and anger. I keep trying to put on a smile, but I feel like this nightmare will never get better.

On my way into work this morning, I found myself thinking about the A and him being with her. These are imaginings I don't want, but yet they are there.

Someone please! Any words to help me get through today? I could really use some advice. I did not expect today to be as rough as it is turning out to be.

Me - BS
Him - WS
Discovery 3/26/10
NC letter mailed 5/27/10
NC letter recieved 5/29/10
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Recovery may not be an option. Seriously looking a plan B/D