Yes, it is.

Mrs. Hold called. She offered to take S15 to basketball practice if that allowed me to leave work in time to relax and have a swim at the pool this evening (it is sunny and warm here today). She mentioned her intention to another woman during her workout. The other woman said "you don't have to be so nice to them, you know". Mrs. Hold replied "I like my lifestyle. He works hard. So I try to do something nice for him when I can. Your husband works hard too. He just paid to renovate your kitchen. He pays for your kids to go to summer camp. You have the summer free to do whatever you want. Doesn't he deserve something?" The woman replied "I don't see it that way".

Mrs. Hold said to me "she is not alone in thinking that way. See how lucky you are to have me?" I replied "I never liked her, and I am well aware of what the women in this area are like, and why I choose to stay with you."

Yes, it stinks. I have a loop. And the treadmill is awful. Which doesn't mean that getting off would be better.

When you can see it coming, duck!