All the calls that cost money were to me, in Afghanistan. I pay the phone bill, so there's no point in offering to help pay for it, I'm paying the damn bill.

I emailed her yesterday:
Is there a reason you stopped using tel3 and just started calling me straight from your phone? Because it's going to put me in the poor house. $250 in Afghanistan calls last month, and I can't say I remember enjoying any of them enough to pay $3.50 a minute for them. I left my phone in my room this morning when I went to the shooting range, and it looks like I missed a (expensive) call from you. What did you call for?

She wrote back:

For some reason I had thought you had told me to just call straight from the phone. This was back when we were having a hard time with tel 3, and I thought there was something you had worked out. I apologize and I can pay the amount of the international calls.

I got home from the field and I had some missed unknown calls and I figured that it was probably you trying to call me, I guess not.

I bought my ticket for the 4th, so I will contact your parents to see what time will be good for them for me to come and get the dog and my things.

I replied:

Don't worry about the phone bill, just please watch the international calls.

I hope you were sincere about me getting to see Apollo again. Like I used to tell you all the time, he was the only thing keeping me sane at Fort Polk without you there. I made us breakfast every day, came home and took him for a walk at lunch every day, took him running after work most days, and cooked us dinner every night. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do there without him. My life pretty much revolved around taking care of him while I was at Fort Polk. I hope you have a garbage can with a good lid; he's a trash rascal.

My parents wrote me earlier letting me know she wrote them an email letting them know she would be picking up the dog and her things Sunday and Monday July 4th weekend. They told me they don't have any of her things, that they took them all to my house at Fort Polk, so I'm sure she wont't be happy about that.