Yesterday started bad and ended up good. Mrs. Hold was much of the good part. And no we did not have sex.

S15's team had a basketball game. Why they scheduled an all-day event on Father's Day is beyond me. Anyway, alarm rings at 6:45, we are at the gym at 7:45 for an 8:00 game. Which took place at 11:30. We won. Done at 12:30. I ask when the next game is, and do I have time to take some of the boys (I drove 3 of them to the game) for lunch? Coach says there are 2 games before we play again so yes I have time for lunch. Get lunch. Get back. Is not the same game that was starting when we left, so I figure this is game 2 and we are next. Excellent. As that game is winding down, I turn to kids and say "better get ready, you are next". Coach says to me "I am not sure, I think someone else is next." I ask when our game starts. Coach doesn't know. Other Dads don't know. We go to tournament director (who is associated with the organization that sponsors S15's team, so we know him) to ask when we play. He says he doesn't know. It may depend on who wins the next game. He doesn't have the gym booked for much longer, and there is no one available on Father's Day to extend the hours. Plus we have reached the end of the time we paid for the referees (because we started 3.5 hours late). I tell him that it is Father's Day, we have many fathers here away from their families at a tournament that was supposed to end hours ago. And they need to make a decision. He says "OK, you are not playing any more games today. We will hold the championship game Wednesday night".

I am steaming that we spent 7 hours at the gym to play 1 game, and that we sat around for 2 hours only to be told we were not playing any more games. But there is nothing to be done about it. I drop the other kids off, go home with S15 to our house with no air conditioning (it broke Friday and needs parts that are not available on weekends), fuming. I want to go to pool club to relax. Mrs. Hold and kids are not enthusiastic about joining me. I am torn and frustrated and hot and unhappy.

Mrs. Hold sees this and rallies the troops. Kids, today is Father's Day and Dad needs a lift so get moving we are going to the pool. Gets everyone organized. A frozen drink and dip in the pool later, I am in much better spirits. Kids ended up having a great time. Sshhhh, don't tell anyone that S15 played catch with D13 in and out of the pool for the better part of an hour. She doesn't want him to realize how long it was. She was in heaven.

Then we went out to dinner. Food was good and we stuffed ourselves and brought home leftovers so S15 has dinner for tomorrow when Mrs. Hold will not be there to cook.

Then Mrs. Hold sat with me for an hour watching "my show". Which lasted for another 2 hours but come on we cannot refrain from watching reality tv for the entire night. So after an hour of watching my show and holding hands I watched the rest of my show in another room. Which was fine with me. Nice of her to watch my show at all.

So we salvaged what could have been an ugly day. Did not require sex to do it. Maybe life is not so bad.

When you can see it coming, duck!