You would think you were fabulous and admirable if you acted fab, eh?

See how your belief is real...and not real...only going one way?

Too scary to experience greatness, eh?

By doing great?

Not allowing for one second for you to lie to yourself and believe you're a pathetic loser and keep doing that loop.

You'd do so if it were your DD or DS saying that...and most likely, they do...because they hear you. Well, maybe at times they do.

Chicken and the egg, my friend. Choose the chicken. Or be the egg. Not both...act and your feelings follow.

Have you considered the severe hubris in believing God made you a pathetic loser? This inverted shame as an entitlement?

I don't believe you choose to act to your pathetic loser don't with your kids (you spend time with them)...unless...

:::thought germinates:::

you're going to say, "See? I even fail at being a consistently pathetic loser."


I wouldn't put it past you, Hold. smile