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This is so wrong of me to post, but I can't get past why you go to the kitchen for video games and what TV show you are referring to.

TV program was The Phantom, a made for tv movie on SyFy channel. 3 hours long. No way Mrs. Hold would watch more than 1 hour with me. I was glad she would watch any of it.

Video game is in kitchen because that was where the HD tv lives. We don't yet have one in the living room. Video games work better on 32" hd tv than on the 36" low def analog tv. Kitchen was priority because Mrs. Hold spends much time there. So I got her the HD tv as a present. By the time I get home from work, and help kids with homework (if needed), everyone else is done with the kitchen for the day. So it is my "playroom" at night. Make sense?

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