Hey man, long time, no post.

For some reason I just got an itch to post.

I guess it was because I was reading about some guy on the vikings fan page whose wife had a fling with a bride's maid and one of his groomsmen BEFORE he was married. This was 10 years ago and he's freaking out! That made me think of all of the 10 page posts I had back in the day.

Here's an update:

1. Still married... happy actually. Had our 16 year anniversary this year.
2. The physical part is on again off again... but I have gotten older and it's simply not that big of a deal any more. When it's on, it's good. When it's off I don't obsess like I used to.
3. It's hard to tell whether she is happy... I think she is. Of course she would say it's because she has resigned herself to being married to me! I think she has gotten past the poor poor pitiful phase and realizes that I have been and still am a pretty good husband. Plus she knows I love her.
4. We're both 42 now. She's still pretty hot and my feelings in that department haven't changed.
5. No affairs... not even close... is there something wrong with me? Just kidding.
6. 3 Girls are now 11, 13, 15... ugggghhhhh. If I hear "I don't care" or "I hate you" or "Why do I have to do your work?" again this week I am going to scream. I mentioned this behavior to my dad and he (in his infinite wisdom) said to ignore them for the next 10 years and then it will be better. He's Dr. Phil without the drawl.
7. Looking back, I realize that I have occassionally been in a bad way. I know I stressed out my MIL as recently as 2 years ago and I think I probably messed up a friendship that my wife had by asking for help in getting through some of the tough times. It makes me realize that when things are tough we should confide in God... he doesn't stop being your spouse's friend and you don't worry that he'll bring it up over a family dinner some time.
8. I am in a pretty good place work wise. I am working for a regional trucking company as a controller. The $$$ are okay but I have been with the company through thick and thin for the past 5 years and have worked my way up to being a key player in the organization. I have a female boss who is buying the company who I respect immensely... and fear more than my wife to be honest. But she gets the best out of me.
9. I was in your next of the woods just recently. We went on a 3 week trip out east and passed through CT on the way from Charlottesville, VA to Boston. I actually thought about how your were doing for the 1st time in a long time.
10.I started working out in January for the 1st time in about 10 years. I am 6'3", but I hit 240 lbs so I figured I had to do something. Unfortunately, I messed up my shoulder in April working with my dad when I was visiting my parents. That caused me to sleep wierd so then I threw my back out 10 days before I was to leave with the family on vacation... I got it fixed and we went on vacation, but my shoulder still hurts a bit and now my siatic nerve is bothering me. Uggghhh... old age. But I was down to 231 when I got back from vacation and I am in a lot better cardio shape and have toned up a bit too... so it's mostly for the good. I recall you were doing that when I dropped off the site a long time ago.
11. Overall, I am at a way different place in my life than when I came on the site 12-13 years ago. Mostly it's better... heck it's all better. I like the patience and wisdom that age brings. Things don't get me as riled up as the used to, which is good.

How are you doing?