Hey STIM. Great to "hear" from you. Glad to read that you have achieved some peace.

I have not. Age has not brought me wisdom or acceptance. I feel myself becoming a grumpy old man. I still get riled up at my wife. I realize she puts up with plenty from me but I don't care. I feel she owes me anyway. Wish I had better news to report on the marriage side.

Or the work side. I choose not to put in 100% out of spite at my wife. So I get what I deserve. Just treading water instead of flourishing.

The bright side is that the kids are great. I just dropped off S15 at school. He is going to Bermuda for a week on a science / scuba trip. D13 is at Niagara Falls for synchro age group national championships. Mrs. Hold is chaperoning.

I have plenty to be thankful for. I simply don't choose to be thankful. All on me.

Thanks again for stopping by. I have fond memories of hashing things out with you and Star all those years ago. Glad to hear you feel your life is better. I hope that continues. All the best.

When you can see it coming, duck!