I will have been married for 13 years in Aug. My wife last fall told me that she did not feel a connection to me anymore and did not know if she could be faithful. AS most men I did not listen to help cry for help. In dec. she stated to suffer from panic attacks. In april while at a get together I made the mistake of leaving early. That night my wife played a game of truth or dare with another married man, and a couple from down the street. We have been going to see a cousler, but she can not let the topic go. She has a strong desire to still be around the married man(as friends). We are trying to work through this, but I feel as though she is not putting forth the effort. How can I help us move past this?
Yesterday she was told by our cousler that she has lust for the married man. How do I move past this and how do I help her move past this?