All of the above.

She wants more FS. She wants to be able to redo the kitchen and all 3 bathrooms. She wishes we had another bedroom and bathroom so the grandparents could stay in our house when they visit. She wants to go on vacations with the kids far away and stay at fancy hotels and eat at fancy restuaurants. She wants designer clothes and jewelry. She wants to write checks to pay 100% of tuition, room, board, costs and spending money for both our children for as long as they continue in higher education.

She expected based on my job and education when we met that I would be able to provide this for her. She feels cheated that I cannot. Just as cheated as I feel that she can't provide me with more / better sex.

She wants more social status. We are among the least wealthy people in our town. Everyone has fancier houses, cars, clothes, etc.

She has no Respect or Admiration for me. She feels I am weak and spineless. She has zero sexual interest in me.

And she isn't wrong to feel that way. I am weak and spineless.

FWIW, as posted earlier in this thread, we were discussing precisely that last night. And she admitted her disappointment in me. And how it affects her desire for me. So this is not a DJ or me putting words in her mouth. This is how she feels.

This is not rocket science. She has told me what her ENs are. I have told her they are not going to be met while she remains married to me. Just how "in love" with me do you expect her to feel? Same thing in the opposite direction.

When you can see it coming, duck!