I hear what you are saying, HO2I, and I believe it, because I have seen it before, but it makes no sense to me. As long as someone is doing the best they can at work, how can you not have admiration for them? I suppose there is no married man who has not had his wife lose her admiration for his vocational abilities, at least temporarily - even Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, J. Paul Getty.

I have friends who are stockbrokers whose income is down 80%, and others who are only down 60% because they picked up the accounts of the brokers who quit. Real estate salesmen and brokers who have sold one house in the last year - didn't pay for their fuel, tires, cell phone and coffee. Are their wives (or husbands) supposed to punish them for no being able to earn 4 or 5 times as much as the other people in their office, because that's what it would require.

What kind of work do you do, HO2I? Has it been hit hard in this economy? Is it the kind of work where you could move to a cheaper place to live, make the same income, afford a nicer house, or at least not be comparing yourselves to those around you?