Had a very nice anniversary. I went to religious services and Mrs. Hold went to exercise class, so no am togetherness. But we got home and had lunch and (thanks to D13 for the idea) we went to Six Flags and had a very nice day. Except for Mrs. Hold getting sun tan lotion in her eye. But we washed it out and she recovered nicely yesterday.

Monday morning we got our togetherness time. Then she dropped off D13 at an activity, I went to services and ran errands. Monday is WW day for Mrs. Hold. I surprised her and stopped by the class. She had gained weight and I knew she was unhappy so I poked my head in and told her I love her whether her week is up, down or sideways. She said after I left the woman next to her remarked what a good husband I am. In the afternoon, I bought groceries and cooked diner while Mrs. Hold picked up D13. Pleasant weekend.

Actually, I don't do much travel. That is what I like about this position. High level intellectual stimulation, reasonable commute, small city location.

And what I meant about big cities is the networking. Not that I do much. But the partners who bring in business do. And they are all based in big cities so they can have lunch or dinner with bankers, accountants, etc who refer clients. If I want to make more money, I would have to bring in business. VERY few people in our field do that "virtually". In fact, I can only think of one person in the USA who does what we do and is not located in a large city.

Yes, that is an excuse and shows that I am not willing to "think outside the box" and make an effort to create the job I want. Which is true. I am not. I am too lazy for that. I want more money in a "it would be nice to buy a winning lottery ticket" kind of way. Not in a "go out and make it happen" kind of way.

When you can see it coming, duck!