Quick chat with Mrs. Hold. She said she was not upset with me this weekend, she was upset with not being invited to the party. I validated that it stinks to be excluded. And that she has understandable PTSD from being excluded. Since her family moved so many times when she was a child so she was always the new kid and the outsider.

However, I disagreed that it has nothing to do with me. She is being excluded in part because we don't socialize much. And we don't socialize much in part because Mrs. Hold is embarrassed by my lack of career success. If I were more successful and made more money and we lived in a fancier house then we would socialize more. So in part this is about her disappointment in me.

At that point S15 came home and she got off the phone to debrief him about his day.

When you can see it coming, duck!