I tried to engage Mrs. Hold last night. I asked her to sit and talk while I ate dinner. She did. We talked about one of the possible trips we might take next year. Logistics for the trip to Maine this summer. Then she raised an issue that surprised and pleased me. She is thinking about going back to school to get a paralegal certificate. She is very organized and I think she would make a great paralegal. Eventually S15 got home from a friend's and we all sat together while he ate.

Then Mrs. Hold and I went into our room to watch The Bachelorette. I tried to talk to her. She was distant. When they got to showing one of the guys, she kept saying "I would never pick him. He is too needy. Too weak." I said "well, you might not pick him now, but you might have 20 years ago. You have learned alot about love and relationships since then." She said something like "you got that right".

Usually she is open to holding hands while we watch tv, but last night she pulled her hand away. Eventually I got tired of the verbal and physical rejection and left the room.

So a frosty night but her discussion of the paralegal idea gives me hope.

When you can see it coming, duck!