She does not care about anyone but herself. That is something you cannot change. You accidently married a very selfish woman. She feels entitled to NOT having sex, NOT wanting sex in marriage and NOT making up for her lack of wanting sex and at least helping YOU OUT.

She could help you out in 1000 ways even if she never wants sex herself. But she does not care enough for you. She could care less about you it is all about her. That is the root problem.

1. She could say that she does not enjoy sex but ask what you needed each week
2. She could open up to learning about her own sex drive and how to enjoy sex
3. She could pleasure you each week willingly and regularly
4. She could talk with you about sex until the problems were solved
5. She could do a lot of things but she wont because she is a totally self centered and selfish human being and cannot see beyond her own "importaant" needs.

She only gives you (anything) because she has bargained for you to keep bringing in that paycheck for her to spend. Otherwise she would give NOTHING to you. she gives the very least she can to the marriage and still have it intact.