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She wrote back tonight:
We don't need to decide anything together, since there is pretty much no 'our' stuff. I have already told u that the only stuff I want is unquestionably mine. U say that u have been good at getting me my stuff, when in fact, u have been keeping me away from it as a power play. Like I said, anything that is so important to u that it is worth straining everything even more over it u can keep.

I'll wait for some advice on what if anything I should write back. But her constant aggression\accusatory tone is really grinding on my patience

Just ignore her passive agressiveness. If you are still in plan A, just keep on with the "chatty" emails. However, I would plan D this horrible excuse for a human being. It may have taken a while, but she has shown her true colors and is not marriage material. The fact that you are 3 months into this, she should not be in contact w/ OM anymore, and still is acting this way should clue you into this realization. I would wager that she's cheated on you with AT LEAST 2 MORE OM since OM#1. She doesn't want you showing up unannounced in AZ because that might clue in others who she has probably been telling she is single to and living the single life with that she in fact NOT single and has a husband who was serving overseas, and it would make her look bad as well as possibly get her into even more trouble. She is mean to you because she is guilty for her CURRENT behavior and is trying to push you away. She's going down a self-destructive path, and you can't fix her. Just keep her from dragging you with her. I would just tear into her when I got back and then never speak to her again. Burn the bridge because you don't even want the inclination or opportunity to cross it again.


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