I wrote this yesterday:

So I'm in my final days here, will start heading back on Thursday. I've been super busy trying to hand over all my job responsibilities and take care of everything I wanted to get done before I left. I really hurt my right foot somehow about 2 weeks ago. It's been hurting more and more every day, so I went to the TMC and the doctor said my running shoes were worn out and it was causing me to sprain things in my foot and lower leg. Weird that that would happen all of a sudden. I've stopped running for now, since it hurts just walking around.

Did you buy a bunch of ringtones on your phone? There's like $50 worth of ringtone purchases on this months bill. And then another $50 worth of new monthly subscriptions that will be recurring charges: mobile messenger, ringtones and downloads, downloads\alerts, and tonemaker. And another $40 worth of international calls. I keep getting caught off guard by these expensive phone bills.

Anyway I have a night mission so I'm going to grab dinner and get ready. Hope you're doing well.

Love always

She replied:

Ummm, I let tom use that phone, which I told u about, and I guess he rang up all those charges. I have already sent him home. It was way too much crap he was putting me through, and not even trying to get a job or do anything but sit on the computer. I guess I need ur advice about what to do. I think we should try to get att to drop the charges. I think they did it before when I accidentally signed up for something stupid. I don't know if I should tell them what actually happened or if I should say I lost it. I def think u should turn off that line when u get back.already had my mom take the phone from him
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I don't know if it's just me looking for problems, but her email left me exasperated. Lying to the phone company to avoid paying the bill? It's like she thinks it's ok to lie to avoid consequences, all the time. Like that's just who she is now. I know it's a small thing, but it really bothers me. I don't even know what to write back.