No show. What is there to show? She is normally quite pleasant in public or in front of the kids. Since this weekend was spent apart or with others, no UA time. With no UA time, no reason for her to snap at me.

In fact, the only time she did snap at me was when we were alone for 2 minutes. She went to an exercise class in the morning. When she came home around 10:30 am, I went outside to pick berries. She took a nap since she was wiped out from exercise. I came in 2 hours later and the 6 of us had lunch. She went back to napping. I made jam. Around 3:30 pm I brought a spoon of jam in to the bedroom for her to taste. I thought the jam tasted great, and I was excited about sharing my success with her. Plus we had to leave for the movie in 15 minutes so she had to get up soon anyway. I tapped her gently on the toe. She jumped up and started balling me out for interrupting her nap. I apologized and slunk back to the kitchen to make sure the last jar had finished processing. To her credit, she did apologize later for snapping at me.

I don't think she put on a show for her parents. I think she is perfectly happy to spend time with me at a restaurant with the kids. She doesn't have to pretend she enjoys that. And when we are alone together in the bedroom, she doesn't pretend to enjoy that either.

When you can see it coming, duck!