We had an open and honest talk this morning. Profit numbers came out yesterday. Senior partners at our firm made $900,000 and up. I said "if I were making that much, I would feel differently about myself and you would feel differently about me, and you wouldn't reject me as much." She tried to deny it. I said "we have been married 18 years, please be honest. This is not about blame or condemnation. This is about factual truth." She said "OK, all you said is true. But there are things about you I like that I didn't expect to be important to me. You are warm and funny. And you are a great Dad." I said "yes, I am. But that doesn't make you feel about me the way I need my wife to feel about me." She said "I am sorry we can't work this out." I replied "It is to be expected. Money is the only thing I felt I had to offer and I projected myself that way. It is not surprising that I found a girl for whom that is the most important thing. I have not held up my end of the bargain. It isn't surprising that you haven't held up yours either." She said "please know that to me it is still, on balance, worth it." I said "you are a nice person. You have a big heart. You mean well. I appreciate that. But it doesn't solve our problem."

So at least we are being open and honest. Even if there doesn't seem to be any way short of winning Powerball to resolve it. I make little more than 3rd or 4th year lawyers at our firm. Not where either of us expected me to be after 25 years of practice. I shouldn't blame her for my failure.

When you can see it coming, duck!