I understand how you feel. If you have any inclination left whatsoever about saving your marriage, I would take her stuff back to her as soon as you got home, spend some quality time with her in AZ if you can, finish plan A out strong, and then hand her a plan B letter as you leave. At that point you have left the ball in her court, you don't risk any more damage to your love bank, you don't have to deal with her anymore, and you only take her back on your conditions. You can say to yourself you did everything right to try and save this marriage, and you won't have any regrets.


BS - 32 (me)
FWW - 33
Married 8/31/03
No kids (but 3 cats)
D-Days - 8/25/06 (EA), 11/3/06 (PA)
NC agreed to - 11/8/06
NC broken - 11/28/06, 12/16/06, 1/18/07, 1/26/07, 1/27/07
Status - In Recovery
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